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Together is a gathering (conference) born out of Citizens Akron Church in 2017. Their vision was to bless the city by bringing churches and nonprofits together to deepen relationships and equip the saints. After two gatherings they felt the conviction to do Together, together (get it?). Together is now a project of a group of nonprofit and church leaders who have a passion for community, for unity, for neighborhood, for justice, and for Christ. What if we came together in spite of our differences? What if we could be challenged and encouraged to love our neighbors and collectively be a prophetic voice in our city? What if we could answer Jesus' prayer in John 17 -- to be one? This is the hope of the Together Gathering.


To inspire God's people to experience and live out the dreams of God for self, for neighbor, and for place.


Explore God's dream for you, for your neighborhood, and for your city.

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